Are We Animals? – Yes according to The War on Drugs – Dehumanization is the Third Stage of Genocide

According to the director of the Campaign to End Genocide based in Washington, D.C. Dehumanization is the third stage of genocide:

Are we animals? Well according to the theory of evolution yes technically we are, but I am not concerned about arguing cosmology here I am talking about the law that governs us as animals, which is dehumanizing.

The war on drugs is a racket, and most people know it. What can we do about it? A little research never hurt. I don,t actually remember how I heard about Mr. Adask’s story, but I listened to an hour long interview which made me think there is something most people dont know about their drug laws.

What do you think about seven individuals fined nine million dollars each, for trafficking colloidal silver? Does that sound reasonable to you? The case was dropped after the state invested over half of a million dollars. Why did the case fail? “…The Assistant Attorney General in charge of the case confided that during his 22 years in the AGs office that 1) he’d never seen a judge work so hard to engineer an out-of-court settlement; and 2) he’d never heard of the AGs office being willing to not only abandon all claim of fines, but even abandon all claims of attorney’s fees against the defendants….”

The information provided to the Attorney General was a political bombshell against the war on drugs. The devil is in the details as they say, and as you may not know, the definition of drugs states the Man is an animal. This dehumanization of citizens is evidence of the government committing genocide on it’s citizens. Dehumanization is the third phase of genocide according to the director of the International Alliance to End Genocide in Washington, D.C.

Here is Mr. Adask’s information about how we can “…ultimately destroy or at least cripple the U.S. police state and prison-industrial complex…”.

Peace to all Humanity and the little furry animals too,

Albert Tremblay
Aka. Tharpa Semnyi

aka. Good Dignified Tiger


Waking up, perfecting my universal discontent

Hello blogosphere

I hope we can enjoy this journey together. I am sure I have much in common with everyone. This is interesting to share because we all have different opinions. There are many ways to see the world and our place in it. Though I may be limited in my understanding, I am limitless in my appreciation.

So why the discontent if appreciation is limitless? The absolute truth goes beyond dualistic language of right, wrong and the grey area in between. Just as when you read between the lines, this could be why there is always more to express, at least more to say about it. Discontent comes from knowing the limits of our lives, knowing the suffering that is universal. There is freedom from suffering but there is always an element of suffering in every situation.

I have been blessed in my life, I hope to pass that blessing on so that it becomes greater
Thanks, hope you have a perfect day